Elia Zaharia

Elia is the daughter of George Zaharia and Yllka Muji. Yllka Muji is the famous Albanian actress who was given the title of “Maestro of Arts” in recognition of her career in the National theatre. Elia Zaharia is the fiancée of Prince Leka of Albania. She graduated from the St. Denis University in Paris, in theatre. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Elia is very interested in the film industry, taking part in a number of short script films in France, whilst supporting her brothers projects in Albanian. From a young age Elia has shown vocal talent for light Albanian Music. From 1999 until 2002 Elia took part in a successful girls group called “Spirit Voice”, giving her the opportunity to take part in concerts throughout the Albanian region, including war torn Kosova, where the group was very active in supporting the humanitarian aid activities. Elia is an actress who lived in the beautiful city of Paris for 8 years, and parallel studies, she was an actress of the Theatre of Paris in several plays. She has also studied in “Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Bordeaux” in Bordo, France from 2003-2005, and later in “Cours Florent” until 2007. Besides her passion for theatre, Elia is also a singer and philanthropist and will soon be crowned as Princess of Albania. Since 2010, Elia lives in Tirana, Albania and is engaged in many theatre projects as well as her newly founded Foundation. Being member of the Royal Family of Albania, Elia spends a lot of time on the Royal Family activities as well. Elia is the President of Queen Geraldine Foundation whose purpose is to provide humanitarian support to families in poverty, orphans and children of all social strata of the population in need.