The 13th Health Resource Center “Mothers’ Classes” Opens up in Hani Elezit

We are so pleased to open the doors of the Women’s Health Resource Center “Mother’s Classes” in Hani Elezit, at the Main Family Medicine Center, in an official ceremony today.

This initiative has been made possible thanks to  Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo and the cooperation with Main Family Medicine Center in Hani Elezit.

Mother’s Classes is an initiative of the Action for Mothers and Children as part of educational programs for maternal and child health in Kosovo. These classes provide health education services for girls, women and their partners including among others: preparations for a healthy  pregnancy, its performance and birth process, infant care, the importance of breastfeeding, mental and physical preparations for the birth process, as well as other information about infant’s care and health. Classes provide advice in a pleasant room environment and in an inter-active way.

The opening up of the Resource Center “Mother’s Classes” in the Municipality of Hani Elezi also marks the 13th point of the location of this program. So far, about 6,000 women have benefited from the support of these classes. We are committed to expanding these centers throughout the territory of Kosovo.