Only during 2021, a total of 2145 women were examined with Pap test through Cervical Cancer Screening Program

Cervical Cancer Screening Program

Successful implementation of the Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Prishtina, Prizren, Mitrovica and the Municipality of Peja has led to the examination of more than 10 thousand women since the beginning of the implementation of this program in 2016. Only during 2021 , a total of 2145 women were examined by Pap tests.

To enhance their skills and abilities, five pathologists are enrolled in the International Academy of Cytology Tutorial Korea, 2021 – a three-day online training which is held July 16-18.

  • 9 awareness lectures for the prevention of cervical cancer were held with various high schools and primary health care institutions, which were attended by a total of 132 medical staff.
  • 76 Pap tests retested between the pathology laboratory at the Prizren Regional Hospital and the Institute of Pathology in Prishtina.
  • A binocular microscope was donated to the Gjilan  laboratory to help start the CCS program.
    The municipalities of Gjilan and Obiliq are ready to start the CCS program after the establishment of the National Board for Cancer Control by the MoH.