Ardiana Bunjaku Joins Action for Mothers and Children as Honorary Board Member

Ardiana Bunjaku is a highly accomplished professional who has garnered a prominent reputation in the field of accountancy and auditing. Boasting an extensive career spanning over two decades, she has made substantial contributions to the progression of the accountancy profession in Kosovo, as well as on the global stage. This has been achieved through active engagement in various national and international committees and organizations, including the Kosovo Development Strategy Committee, the Kosovo National Qualification Framework working group, and the Advisory Committee to the Tax Administration Authority.

Furthermore, she has been instrumental in the reform of higher education in accounting and auditing at the University of Prishtina. Ms. Bunjaku has served as a member of the quality assurance committee in the Kosovo Board for Standards and Financial Reporting, for two terms she served as a member of IFAC PAODC and one term on CAP, Board member, audit and risk committee member in NLB Bank, she has also held the position of board member at the American Chamber of Commerce.
In her capacity as Executive Director, Ardiana Bunjaku has played a pivotal role in transforming SCAAK into a leading accountancy organization. Her forward-thinking vision has spearheaded the expansion of SCAAK’s service portfolio, encompassing diverse certification programs and specializations catering to both the public and private sectors. Under her guidance, SCAAK has emerged as a notable example of digitizing the accountancy profession. Ms. Bunjaku has proactively advocated for institutional cooperation to foster the development of the accountancy profession in both the public and private sectors.

This has resulted in a unique collaboration between professional accountancy organizations and the supreme audit institution, facilitating the establishment of public sector auditor certifications.In addition to her noteworthy professional achievements, Ardiana Bunjaku has consistently demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy and community service. Her impactful contributions are evident in her dedicated service as President and Board Member at Action for Mothers and Children, where she has played a significant role in making a positive difference. Ardiana Bunjaku has consistently demonstrated a fervent commitment to giving back to communities and empowering individuals, particularly women.

Her commendable efforts in this regard were acknowledged by the President of Kosovo, who appointed her as one of the seven women involved in the development of Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce -G7, an NGO dedicated to the economic empowerment of Kosovo women. Ardiana also served as the vice president of this organization. Furthermore, Ardiana is actively involved in community leadership as the President of the Rotary Club Prishtina, showcasing her commitment to fostering positive change and addressing societal needs.

Among her numerous achievements, Ardiana Bunjaku holds a doctoral degree in Economics and Management, possesses an Insolvency Practitioner’s Certificate, is a member of INSOL International, and is licensed as a First-grade Appraiser in Kosovo. With her extensive experience, expertise, and dedication, Ardiana Bunjaku continues to be a driving force in advancing the accountancy profession, professional education, and the economic development of Kosovo. Her leadership, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment have earned her widespread respect and recognition both domestically and internationally.