AMC and the Embassy of Japan donate medical equipment in UCCK

On 26th of August, at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Action for Mothers and Children supported by the Grant of the Japanese Government GGP, delivered three Optical Microscopes dedicated to the Institute of Pathology in Prishtina and Pathology laboratories at the Hospital of Prizren and Gjilan. Also for the Neonatology clinics in the Hospital of Mitrovica and that of Gjakova was donated a transport incubator in each of these two clinics for newborn babies.

With the help of these new microscopes, it will be possible to expand the program for Cervical Cancer Screening in the municipality of Gjilan, the purpose of which is to prevent the development of cancer in this area. Also, these microscopes serve to provide a better image quality, giving faster results when reading Pap tests, which enables the screening of a larger number of women and the improvement of the reading quality of Pap tests in these municipalities.

The transport incubators that will be donated to the Neonatology Clinics in the hospitals of Gjakova and Mitrovica are equipped with oxygen system and neonatal ventilator and will serve for the treatment of premature babies or for infants who need intensive treatment at UCCK. .

“We are extremely satisfied for the collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in this project and we are convinced that these medical equipment will increase the quality of health services in these health institutions, and consequently will improve the health of mothers and children in Kosovo. ” – said Vlorian Molliqaj, executive director of AMC.

In the handing over ceremony of the donation of these medical devices that reach the total value of € 53,570, attended Mr. Ogasawara Mitsunori, Ambassador of Japan in Kosovo, Mr. Valbon Krasniqi, Director of UHCSK, Mr. Faik Hoti from the Ministry of Health and Mrs. Rina Limani, director of the Institute of Pathology.