A Memorandum of Cooperation for Pap-Smear tests is signed

Prishtina, August 1, 2015-

As a result for the higher need for regular pap-smear tests for women, the NGO “Down Syndrome Kosova” and Action for Mothers and Children have signed an memorandum of cooperation through which AMC will set a side some spots for free cervical cancer screening tests (using liquid based cytology) for mother of children with Down Syndrome. These tests are conducted at the American Hospital in Prishtina lab. “This agreement is very important as it offers the opportunity to mothers of children with Down Syndrome to conduct pap-smear tests for free and thus promotes the importance of regular screening and early detection for cervical cancer. Let us bear in mind that cervical cancer is the second most spread cancer after the breast cancer,” – state the representatives of both organizations.

This Memorandum starts from September 1 through September 30, and is dedicated for mothers of children with Down Syndrome. This cooperation is as part of the Cervical Cancer screening program established by Action for Mothers and Children, in cooperation with 700 for Science Foundation and the American Hospital in October 2014. Since its establishment more than 500 females have benefited from these free pap-tests.

All mothers who have children with Down Syndrome are invited to contact directly the Down Syndrome Kosova at 044 441 025, in their Facebook page or e-mail address info@downsyndromekosova.org to sign up for free pap-tests.