Cycle Kosovo for Children 2021

The Cycle Kosovo for Children is a fundraising event, started in 2014. Since then, a group of 40 – 50 cyclists participate in the annual tour, cycling around Kosovo, passing through major cities in the country, including 500 km of cycling and 6,000 meters of climbing. The tour continued each year with the same goal, namely raising funds to buy medical equipment for the healthcare institutions in Kosovo.

In 2000, the infant mortality rate in Kosovo was 29 deaths per 1000 births, the highest one in Europe. Action for Mothers and Children, together with its partners, donors, and friends has been working on this battle to bring this number down for the last ten years to about 11 per 1,000 births as of today. Although doctors and nurses in the hospital of Prizren are doing the best to save the lives of children, working conditions hinder the excellence of doctors’ performance in the clinics.

With the initiative of Cycle Kosovo for Children, this year for the seventh time in a row we aim to raise funds in order to improve health in Kosovo. This year we have decided to use the funds raised for this project to purchase medical equipment for the Prizren Hospital and to supply them with the required medical equipment that this hospital need.

The Hospital of Prizren is constantly struggling with lack of equipment and other medical necessities, and if we manage to procure the equipment they require, it will massively improve the quality of the health service they provide for a long time to come. This equipment has a larger longevity, and in so, will be within these clinics for the foreseeable future.

A special thanks goes to the sponsors of this event who were: Trepharm, KIVO, BPB, ALT3C and EcoVent and support sponsors who were EULEX, Kosovo Police, Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina, KFC, TV Dukagjini, Frutomania, MIQT Pub, Gagi Print, TENDA 3, Commo and Bike Friendly Café who contributed to this charity event.