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We are a non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian, humanitarian foundation developing health programs in Gynecology/Obstetrics Clinics (that care for mothers), Neonatology Intensive Care Units (that care for pre-mature babies) and Pediatric Clinics (that care for children suffering of Leukemia, heart diseases, asthma and other illnesses) in the Republic of Kosovo.

We believe that every child and mother have the right to a healthy life, regardless of where they are or what means they have.

Maternal mortality can be linked to poverty and lack of education and resources. And when those issues are addressed, maternal and child mortality goes down. By developing and implementing programs that improve the health care of mothers and their infants, the number of children who die unnecessarily can be substantially decreased. We aim to focus on the development of sustainable, high quality, and capacity building health care programs for mothers and children.

Our foremost goal is to save the lives of children and improve the health care for mothers in the Republic of Kosovo, which has the highest mortality rate in the Balkans, and perhaps Europe.

Lives of around 2000 babies have been saved in Kosovo, as a result of using Survanta medication.


Address : str. Rexhep Mala, No. 72  10000, Prishtina, Kosovo

Tel : +383 49 110 333
e-mail: info@amchealth.org