Annual Report 2023

Dear friends, partners and supporters of AMC,

The Annual Report for 2023 by Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) offers a comprehensive glimpse into the organization’s tireless efforts towards enhancing maternal and child health in Kosovo. Throughout the year, AMC remained steadfast in its mission, implementing diverse health programs tailored to meet the unique needs of mothers and children.

In 2023, AMC’s initiatives spanned various aspects of maternal and child health, including antenatal care and postnatal care, breastfeeding awareness, cervical cancer awareness and free Pap Tests and qualitative capacity building trainings and workshops on various topics for healthcare professionals.

Through strategic collaborations with healthcare providers and community stakeholders, AMC ensured the accessibility of essential healthcare services and educational resources to expectant and new mothers, thereby contributing significantly to improved health outcomes for both mothers and their children.

A cornerstone of AMC’s success in 2023 was its emphasis on forging strong partnerships and alliances. By nurturing robust relationships with local and international organizations, governmental bodies, and community leaders, AMC effectively pooled resources, expertise, and advocacy efforts to tackle key challenges in maternal and child health.

In essence, the Annual Report for 2023 invites readers to delve into the impactful work and notable achievements realized by AMC throughout the year, showcasing the organization’s unwavering commitment to advancing the health and well-being of mothers and children in Kosovo.

Read here the Annual Report 2023