AMC Report 2022

Dear friends, partners and supporters of AMC, 

The Annual Report for 2022 by Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s work, impact, and achievements in improving the health of mothers and children in Kosovo. AMC’s efforts focused on implementing various health programs targeting maternal and child health, including initiatives for maternal health, child health, and strengthening healthcare systems.

The report highlights the success of AMC’s maternal health initiatives, which encompassed antenatal care, safe delivery support, postpartum care, and breastfeeding promotion. Through collaborations with healthcare providers and communities, AMC ensured that expectant and new mothers received essential medical attention, education, and support during pregnancy and childbirth.

The report emphasizes the significance of partnerships and collaborations for AMC’s success. By working with local and international organizations, governmental bodies, and community leaders, AMC harnessed collective efforts, knowledge sharing, and advocacy to address maternal and child health challenges effectively.

In conclusion, we invite you to read the Annual Report 2022, which showcases the work, impact and important achievements throughout 2022.

AMC Annual Report