Under the motto “Protect breastfeeding” Breastfeeding week was organized

Breastfeeding Week

Under the motto “Protect breastfeeding” from 4 to 8 October we have organized a week breastfeeding week by providing informative and educational materials through social networks and through activities held in these municipalities we have disseminated information on breastfeeding through brochures and conversations  in order to raise awareness about the benefits that mothers and babies have from breastfeeding. Also, information were given about the importance of breastfeeding in the pandemic time with covid 19. Breastfeeding Week is supported by the Unicef ​​Kosovo Program.

An online training was organized on October 6, 2021, for primary health professionals on breastfeeding on how to use of the mobile application “Breastfeeding – GjidhĂ«nia App, created specifically for the needs of this field. Beneficiaries of this training were 204 health professionals from 22 municipalities of Kosovo from the primary level of health care. This application is expected to be launched on both mobile operating systems IOS and Android.