Women’s Health Resource Center

We have established the Women Health Resource Center program. Its foremost goal is to educate women from family planning to the early pregnancy through delivery and the early post-partum period. Access to information remains crucial for a healthy pregnancy and healthy newborns.

Women in this center receive theoretical, practical and counseling information on antenatal and postnatal care, post-natal depression, breastfeeding, new-born care, baby nutrition, immunization, and women and child’s care.

The center provides much needed education and counseling directly to women and their partners. Women learn from videos, educational handouts, small group sessions, and direct counseling with a midwife, nurse, or gynecologist all in a comfortable setting. The centre provides wellness activities too.

Our centers are open to young women, mothers, and couples. They aim to empower patients and practitioners towards quality improvement and shared-decision making, two concepts which have proven to reduce maternal and child mortality rates around the world.

Our Women’s Health Resource Centers are located at:

1. Center 1: Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at UCCK, first floor, Pristina
2. Center 2: Medicine Family Center 2, str. Remzi Hoxha, Ferizaj
3. Center 3: Main Family Medicine Center “Dr. Nexhat Çuni”, Mitrovica
4. Center 4: Family Medicine Center Drajkovc, Shtërpce
5. Center 5: Family Medicine Center, Kaçanik
6. Center 6: Family Medicine Center, Prizren
7. Center 7: Immunization Center, Peja
8. Center 8: Family Medicine Center, Dragash
9. Center 9: Main Family Medicine Center, Klinë
10. Center 10: Main Family Medicine Center , Kamenica
11. Center 11: “Dardania” Family Medicine Center, Gjilan
12. Center 12: Main Family Medicine Center, Obiliq
13. Main Family Medicine Center St. Tahir Sinani, Lipjan
14. Main Family Medicine Center,  Hani i Elezit,
15. Main Family Medicine Center, Viti
16. Main Family Medicine Center – Women’s Welfare Center, 3d floor St,. Fehmi Agani, Pristina
17.  Main Family Medicine Center, Vushtrri
18.  Center 18:”Mother Classes” – The Ideas Partnership (TIP), Fushë Kosovë

Interested participants can attend activities as published in the monthly schedule or contact us to register at the centre. Participants can join individually, as couples or in groups. Write us via info@amchealth.org

FACT: More than 10,000 pregnant women and their partners have already benefited from the support of the Women’s Health Resource Centers since January 2014.