Vlorian Molliqaj

Vlorian joined the team of Action for Mother and Children (AMC) in November 2018 as a Program Officer, and from July 2019 he was appointed as an Executive Director at AMC.

Vlorian holds a Master Degree in Public Health Science with Health Economics from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Prior to joining AMC, he worked for three years with sickness benefits at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) in Gothenburg, where he was responsible for making decisions whether the insured patients are entitled to the benefits. Also, in cooperation with employers, Employment Agency, hospitals and other relevant stakeholders, he was tasked to support these patients to return to the labor market.

Vlorian also worked at the Swedish National Institute for Institutional Care (Statensinstitutionsstyrelse), which manages the LVM homes that treat individuals with serious problems of alcohol and drug abuse.

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Vesa Kada

Vesa joined the foundation Action for Mothers and Children as a fundraising and events manager from January 2020. Vesa has completed her studies at the American University of Kosovo in Business and Management, following her Master studies at the European Center for Peace and Development in business administration.

Vesa has more than 10 years of experience mostly in administration and sales in the private sector in the field of telecommunications infrastructure and energy, and in recent years in the pharmaceutical market.

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Albiona Beselica Beha

Albiona holds a Masters Degree in Health Management after graduating from the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Prishtina. Albiona joined the foundation at the end of 2014 after her previous job as a teacher at the Prishtina High School of Medicine.

Albiona has excellent experience as a lecturer of reproductive health at several medical institutions and non-governmental organizations, making her an expert in delivering educational sessions at the Women’s Health Information Center, working closely with the center’s members. Once a facilitator of the Positive Discipline in Daily Parenting program, trainers and program leaders accredited by the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses for Maternal Classes and author of the book “Mother’s Diary Guide to Parenting Steps”

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Albulena Hamiti – Jashari

Albulena works as Office Coordinator at Action for Mothers and Children since July 2016. She received her Bachelor and Master of Economic Science degree from the University of Prishtina. Albulena worked and interned at different organizations and companies, including  Kosovo Customs, Municipality of Prishtina and EBC Cosmetics.

Albulena has special interest and dedication for volunteer work. Before  starting to work as Office Coordinator , she worked as  a volunteer for nine months  for Action for Mothers and Children.

Albulena  possesses skills in planning, administration, procurement and research. She has attended several training  in related fields.

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Ariana Radoniqi

Ariana Radoniqi is the Program Officer at Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) as of November 2018.

Ariana has finished her Master’s degree in marketing at University of Prishtina, after graduating at the Faculty of Economics in the same university. Besides her degree in economics and marketing, she also attended classes in the Association for Finance and Accounting Services (AFAS) and earned the accounting certificate.

Ariana started her career as a volunteer in the Center for Protection of Women and Children and later she joined the Austrian Institute of Excellence as a project assistant.

The last three years, Ariana worked as an operation bank officer at Banka Kombëtare Tregtare (BKT). During this time, she gained a lot of experience and knowledge about banking services and has increased her capacities in risk assessment, operational risk management, analytical skills, planning and reporting.

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Elvanda Gojani

Elvanda completed her master studies on European Economy, Finance and Institutions at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, on a scholarship awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  She finished her BA studies at the University of Pristina, majoring on Management and Informatics.
Starting from 1998, for a long time, Elvanda worked with children affected by the war as a volunteer on projects of the Albanian Youth Action ‘Pjetër Bogdani’.  Her professional experience throughout years spans the areas related to economy, finance, training and recruitment, at Deloittee and various enterprises in the private sector. Elvanda has also worked for international organisations on inter-faith dialogue led by the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).
Before joining AMC as K10 Coalition Coordinator in March 2018, Elvanda worked for Democracy Plus NGO.
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Hana Buçinca

Hana joined the foundation Action for Mothers and Children as Program Officer in November 2018. She designs, implements and supervises projects in the public health domain that concern mothers and children wellbeing. She also aims to help address the issues in the healthcare system through research, data analysis and advocacy that will eventually result in the betterment of health policies in Kosovo. In addition, Hana is a teaching assistant at the College of Medical Sciences “Rezonanca”.

Hana earned her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Pharmacy from Hacettepe University, – the top ranked university for Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry in Turkey. Her education includes exchanges with and trainings in Ankara University, Aarhus Tekniske Skole for entrepreneurship and American University in Bulgaria. Her skills in leadership, project management, scientific research and data analysis correspond to the experience she gained during her previous work  in companies/institutions such as Excellentia Pharms in Prishtina, Kosovo Medicinal Agency (AKPPM), Molecular Pharmacology department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine-New York, Market Access department at Novartis-Istanbul, Oncology department at Hacettepe University Hospitals-Ankara and Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Technology department at Hacettepe University-Ankara.


Labërie Ҫarreti-Sylejmani

Labëria joined the Action for Mothers and Children Foundation in March 2017. She has completed her bachelor of Psychology within the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prishtina and all Master level exams at the same faculty. Labëria has been involved in the WHO project for assessing the psycho-physical development of Roma children in Roma camps in northern Mitrovica.

She worked as a social worker on the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) project implemented by the Kosovo Center for the Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors (KRCT) for Kosovar returnees from Denmark. She also worked for 7 years at the Greek Liaison Office in Pristina and the Belgian Diplomatic Office in Pristina.

Labëria is the leader of the Positive Discipline project in Everyday Parenting and at the same time facilitator of the same program.

Labëria is a trainer on “Postpartum Depression” in the Mother Classes program.


Zelfije Osmani

Zelfije works as a Finance Officer at Action for Mothers and Children since April 2018. She has received her Bachelor degree from the University  of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” in 2018. She has graduated in Banking, Finance and Accounting. Dealing with numbers is what she likes to do and has been doing for a long time now, getting their meaning and making sure everything complies within domestic/international standards.

Her previous internship in a bank (RBKO) and her participation in several trainings have had a salient contribution in increasing her knowledge.

Being energetic, positive minded, determined, flexible and goal oriented person have always helped her to achieve positive results and accomplish success.

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Nitë Bylykbashi Deliu

Nita has completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Management and Informatics at the University of Prishtina. She joined AMC in December 2019 as Program Officer.

Nita has worked at the Center for Political Courage (CPC) as a Project Manager where she has managed local projects with international cooperation in the field of education. In addition, she has been engaged as Coordinator for Kosovo of the Swiss Regional Research Promotion Program Western Balkans (RRPP).

You can contact the day at:



Riga Demiri

Riga joined AMC in January 2020, as a PR & Events Officer.

She is a graduate of Anthropology from UELondon, where she specialized in Epidemiology and Forensics.

Her work experience includes project management for a venture capital firm in London, and PR management in the non-governmental sector.

She can be contacted at:


Merita Sopi

Merita works as sales assistant for Teshavesha. She completed secondary school in commerce and tourism. She has around 13 years of experience in the sales department.

She is sociable, an outgoing and well-presented shop assistant with a suitable work experience in retail sector. Her attention to details and her friendly approach has encouraged a positive relationship with all the costumers of Teshavesha.

She is very motivated and very driven to achieve Teshavesha’s goals and customer satisfaction.


Gresa Defqa

Gresa works as a sales assistant at Teshavesha in Ferizaj. She is about to finish her bachelor in nursing. Gresa has about 2 years experience in the retail sector where she had the chance to develop the skills of a well-presented and hard working shop assistant.

She is very motivated  to achieve Teshavesha’s goals and customer satisfaction.