Mrika Aliu

Mrika is the Executive Director of Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) sine July 2014. Before assuming her current position, she served as a Program Development Manager for a year and was in charge of developing and supervising Women Health Resource Center, Cervical Cancer Screening Program, and research on needs assessment for women and newborns. Before joining AMC, Mrika ran the Career Services and Alumni Relations office at A.U.K. for a period of three years.

Mrika is a scholarship recipient of the USAID Transformational Leadership Program which enabled her to graduate with Public Health Master’s degree from Dartmouth College in the USA (The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice) – a leading and world-renowned institute for public health policy. In her commencement ceremony, Mrika was awarded the Delta Omega Honorary Society Award for outstanding academic work and leadership in public health as well as honorable mention for her Capstone Proposal on “The Effects of Shared Decision Making Tools on Pregnant Women’s Decision about Childbirth Delivery Mode in Kosovo.”

Mrika received her Bachelor’s degree at the American University in Kosovo (A.U.K./R.I.T.) in Management and Economics with a minor in Public Policy. At her graduation in 2011, Mrika was awarded with Alpha Sigma Lambda Honorary Society Award based in USA, received the Community Leadership Award from the Dean of A.U.K., and was selected the RIT Outstanding Female Scholar. As a student, Mrika worked at AUK Co-op & Career Services office, Raiffeisen Bank, and USAID English tutoring program. During her time at A.U.K., she founded and lead the A.U.K. Charity & Community Club – a student-run organization whose mission is to serve the communities in Kosovo through voluntary services and awareness campaigns such as providing support to poor families, high school students, elders, people with disabilities, orphans, and minorities in Kosovo. She continues to have a pro-bono leadership advisory role in this club. Mrika was actively involved with initiating and leading projects including social awareness campaigns, summer camps, career fairs, research projects, and events.

The leadership success was recognized in 2012 when Mrika was honored with FIDES Award for Philanthropy for National Contribution. In 2013, she shared her community development and volunteer experience at TEDxPrishtinaWomen event.

You can contact Mrika at mrika.aliu@amchealth.org


Dafina Krasniqi

Dafina is the Program Coordinator at Action for Mothers and Children as of July 2016. Before joining AMC, Dafina pursued her Master’s studies in Economic Development at Vanderbilt University in the USA, an opportunity enabled through the USAID Transformational Leadership Program scholarship.  Besides her degree in Economics, she simultaneously attended classes in the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health and earned the Graduate Certificate in Global Health.

Dafina worked as an Internal Auditor in Procredit Bank Kosovo for four years prior to her graduate studies. During her work years, she gained extended knowledge and experience auditing various banking operations and processes, both in terms of the adequacy of rules and procedures in place and process deficiencies.

Dafina graduated from the American University in Kosovo (R.I.T Kosovo) in Economics and Statistics and Management, with a minor in Legal Studies. Dafina has experience in process audits, risk assessment, team management, planning and reporting, policy and internal regulations analysis, as well as research. She worked as volunteer research assistant while pursuing her graduate studies.

You can contact Dafina at dafina.krasniqi@amchealth.org


Janine Mehmeti

Janine Mehmeti is the Fundraiser and Event Coordinator of Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) since early 2016.  Along her duties at AMC for ensuring the necessary funding to help little humans and their makers, Janine is the Curator of TEDxPrishtina and TEDxPrishtinaWomen conferences. She is also one of only ten scholars globally of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as an innovative thinker and doer.

Prior to joining the AMC, Janine has worked as an Account Manager at Advertising Studio D-Line, where she worked with clients such as: Coca-Cola, the Prime Minister’s Office, UNDP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other renown entities. Before her work at D-Line, Janine was engaged as a Social Media Coordinator and Sponsorship Outreach at RED Communications.

To kick-start her career, Janine worked as an author at Kosovo2.0 magazine for the online portal as well as the bi-annual hardcopy of the magazine.

You can contact Janine at janina.mehmeti@amchealth.org


Albiona Beselica Beha

Albiona has finished her Master degree in health management at Iliria University, after graduating at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Prishtina. Albiona joined Action since January 2015 after previously working as lecturer at the Medical High-School in Prishtina.

Albiona has an extent experience in lecturing reproductive health at several health institutions and private clinics around Prishtina, making her an expert in providing educational sessions at our Women’s Health Resource Centers working closely with participants.

You can contact Albiona at albiona.beha@amchealth.org


Albulena Hamiti – Jashari

Albulena works as Office Coordinator at Action for Mothers and Children since July 2016. She received her Bachelor and Master of Economic Science degree from the University of Prishtina. Albulena worked and interned at different organizations and companies, including  Kosovo Customs, Municipality of Prishtina and EBC Cosmetics.

Albulena has special interest and dedication for volunteer work. Before  starting to work as Office Coordinator , she worked as  a volunteer for nine months  for Action for Mothers and Children.

Albulena  possesses skills in planning, administration, procurement and research. She has attended several training  in related fields.

You can contact Albulena at albulena.hamiti@amchealth.org


Dorina Grezda

Dorina is the Project Assistant at Action for Mothers and Children as of August 2017. She was a recipient of the USAID Transformational Leadership Program scholarship, pursuing a Master’s degree in Resource Economics and Policy at University of Maine in United States.

Prior to joining the AMC, she worked in the government sector in local and central level. She worked as a political advisor and chief of staff in the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2013 and later she served as a chief of staff in Gjakova Municipality in 2017. During her work, she got first-hand experience on governmental policies that provided her with critical insights on the governmental policies and the overall political and economic development.

Dorina graduated from the American University in Kosovo (R.I.T Kosovo) with a degree in Economics and Statistics and Management, with a minor in Public Policy.

You can contact Dorina at dorina.grezda@amchealth.org


Elvanda Gojani

Elvanda completed her master studies on European Economy, Finance and Institutions at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, on a scholarship awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  She finished her BA studies at the University of Pristina, majoring on Management and Informatics.
Starting from 1998, for a long time, Elvanda worked with children affected by the war as a volunteer on projects of the Albanian Youth Action ‘Pjetër Bogdani’.  Her professional experience throughout years spans the areas related to economy, finance, training and recruitment, at Deloittee and various enterprises in the private sector. Elvanda has also worked for international organisations on inter-faith dialogue led by the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).
Before joining AMC as K10 Coalition Coordinator in March 2018, Elvanda worked for Democracy Plus NGO.
You can contact Elvanda at elvanda.gojani@amchealth.org

Erisa Jakupi

Erisa works as a PR Assistant at Action for Mothers and Children from July 2017. Erisa is a senior in Rochester Institute of Technology, Kosove where she is going to graduate in Politics & Public Policy and Business Management.

Prior to joining AMC, she worked in USAID Empower Private Sector under the Social Inclusion & Communication department and also at CiviKos as a PR Coordinator. During the period of time that she worked in the PR Sector she gained knowledge of the strategies involved in communication and the importance of crafting the right message for the right audience using the appropriate communication channels at the right time.

You can contact Erisa at erisa.jakupi@amchealth.org



Fetije Grashtica

Fetije works as sales assistant for Teshavesha. She worked with children for several years and also worked as a sales assistant in different stores in Prishtina. 

Fetije is a hard worker and well-presented shop assistant which have a very friendly approach and a positive relationship with all the costumers of TeshaVesha.


Gresa Defqa

Gresa works as a sales assistant at Teshavesha in Ferizaj. She is about to finish her bachelor in nursing. Gresa has about 2 years experience in the retail sector where she had the chance to develop the skills of a well-presented and hard working shop assistant.

She is very motivated  to achieve Teshavesha’s goals and customer satisfaction.


Indira Tahiri- Syla

Indira works as sales assistant for Teshavesha.  She completed secondary school of economics, in business administration.

She is sociable, an outgoing and well-presented shop assistant with a suitable work experience in retail sector. Her attention to details and her friendly approach has encouraged a positive relationship with all the costumers of Teshavesha.

She is very motivated and very driven to achieve Teshavesha’s goals and customer satisfaction.


Labërie Ҫarreti-Sylejmani

Laberie has completed her bachelor’s in Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Pristina. Currently she is finalizing her Master’s Degree at the same University.

She has been involved in the WHO project for the evaluation of children’s psychophysical development in Roma camps in northern Mitrovica. She also worked as a social worker in the project of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) implemented by the Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Tortured Victims (KRCT) for Kosovar returnees from Denmark. For seven years Laberie served at the Greek Liaison Office in Pristina and the Belgian Diplomatic Office in Pristina.


Zelfije Osmani

Zelfije works as a Finance Officer at Action for Mothers and Children since April 2018. She has received her Bachelor degree from the University  of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” in 2018. She has graduated in Banking, Finance and Accounting. Dealing with numbers is what she likes to do and has been doing for a long time now, getting their meaning and making sure everything complies within domestic/international standards.

Her previous internship in a bank (RBKO) and her participation in several trainings have had a salient contribution in increasing her knowledge.

Being energetic, positive minded, determined, flexible and goal oriented person have always helped her to achieve positive results and accomplish success.

You can contact Zelfije at zelfije.osmani@amchealth.org