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Little Anue with a strong desire for life

Anue was born on June 13th, 2015, prematurely (week 30). Anue, because of her premature birth and weight-loss, was treated with: Survanta medication, oxygen system, incubators, breathing tubes and the CRP machine for instant blood analysis – all of these made possible by your donations.

Our lovely mother Afërdita!

“I am very satisfied with the sessions attended at the centre and the treatment received there. I have learned a lot of things I have not thought about. I will become mother very soon and I feel physically and psychologically well prepared after attending sessions at the Centre.”

Mal, may you live long!

We are happy as we see him grow because 3 years ago, our Mali was in a critical condition: He was born with respiratory problems and needed urgent care. After weeks of treating him with a respirator, he is now able to play, run and grow as a healthy happy boy.

Latife and Amelia’s story

In March 2015, Amelia Ibrahimi came to life. She was 32 weeks old and weighted only 1kg. To help her develop properly, professional doctors at

Melisa and Medina’s story

The twins were born premature and needed surfactant to develop their lungs and be able to breathe. The Survanta medication was given to these beautiful angels – this essential medication to help babies breathe through additional surfactant needed.

Valbona and Mali’s story

Mali was born with a serious health condition and needed to be placed immediately on a medical respirator, made possible by Action for Mothers and Children through its many donors.

Joni and Albulena’s story

Albulena awoke feeling ill during her sixth month of pregnancy. She didn’t realize that her stomach ache was actually labor.

Amela and Alea’s Story

Arbresha and her husband married a year ago in Klina, Kosovo. Arbresha studies to become a teacher. When she learned she was pregnant, she went to see a doctor at her nearest hospital in Peja.

Elmedina’s story

Elmedina says hi to all of you, one of the triplets who survived from premature labor thanks to infant incubators made possible by Action through Ipko donations.


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