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Little Omer comes to life

After five unsuccessful pregnancies little Omer was born. Omer was a  premature baby born in the 30th week of pregnancy where he had to stay

Our newborn Ana.

We wish a happy and healthy life for the new born, Ana! The Premature baby came out of the Neonatology Clinic healthy thanks to the

Baby Anila!

Little Anila has returned home healthy, and filled her parents heart with happiness. Anila’s parents Dafina and Halil were very worried since Anila was born

Say Hello to Zejnije!

Little Zejnije is a premature baby born on August and she is still being treated in the incubator. Zejnije was also treated with Survanta- lung

Arilena’s History

Valbona and Agroni experienced the best feeling after being blessed with a little girl. Arilena was born on the 29th week of pregnancy where she

Baby Sumeja!

Baby Sumeja was born in the 31st week of pregnancy and now is  healthy in the arms of her parents. Sumeja left the Neonatology Clinic

The Story of Baby Egzona

Egzona Xhaferi, the joy of the family, came to life in July on the 33rd week of pregnancy . While Egzona was in the Neonatology

The story of Adora and Priami continues…

…our two little ones who are growing with much love in their families. They have left the neonatology clinic and now they have returned to their homes where they are growing with good health and lots of hugs.


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