Phototherapy Lamps delivery to Neonatology Intensive Care Unit

Phototherapy lamps are a needed piece of equipment to treat jaundice in children. Jaundice is a problem that is encountered on daily basis and approximately 75% of our children manifest jaundice upon birth. If not treated it can cause damage to the brain and leave long-term consequences for the child.

In 2016 we have delivered 5 phototherapy lamps, made possible through Cycle Kosovo for Children and Let’s Dance for Mothers and Children events. Delivery of phototherapy lamps is on annual plan and strategy of our foundation.

FACT: Phototherapy lamps are used approximately by 30-35 babies every day.


Survanta Medication Delivery to Neonatology Unit

Our foundation, through its partnerships with AmeriCares and Abbvie Laboratories, delivers Survanta medication to Neonatology Unit within University Clinical Center of Kosovo since 2009.

Without enough surfactant, the lungs collapse and premature babies die. Infants who experience respiratory distress lack sufficient amounts of surfactant – the liquid coats inside the lungs. Babies usually don’t start producing surfactant until a few weeks after they are born. Without enough surfactant the lungs collapse and premature babies cannot breathe. Thus, Survanta is vital for prevention and treatment of RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and reduces the mortality rate caused by RDS.

We secure Survanta medication, through our partnerships with AmeriCares, since 2009.

Below is the list of donations made to Neonatology Unit since 2009:

Year Total units donated Total value in $
2010 180 $117,138
2011 150 $101,682
2012 222 $150,489
2013 280 $189,806
2014/15 230  $155,912
2016 300 $203,364
2017 204 $138,287

FACT: Lives of around 1800 babies in Kosovo have been saved as a result of using Survanta medication.

Oxygen System Supply

Our first supply program provided a new oxygen distribution system for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the obstetric hospital of the University Clinical Center Kosovo (UCCK).  Approximately one third of Kosovo’s births, more than 10,000/year, occur at this hospital. Under the foundation’s initiative and local support of businesses and individuals, the oxygen system is now available in NICU and being used for care of 20-25 babies daily who cannot breathe on their own but need extra oxygen to survive. 

FACT: Around 2000 babies in Kosovo use the Oxygen System supply annually.

CRP/CBC Equipment

We have delivered the CRP/CBC equipment at Neonatology Unit in UCCK which serves to determine the level of CRP and CBC on premature babies – blood analysis that helps diagnose blood infection on babies, the need for anti-biotic therapy following diagnosed infections, treatment follow-up, and the time where the anti-biotic therapy is enough for the baby.

Baby is injected only once when the blood sample is obtained and the results are ready in 4 minutes. The medical practitioners have the chance to review 2 types of results with one sample/testing. A small amount of blood is needed for the sample, hence the baby does not lose a lot of blood, as is the case currently (which is leading babies towards becoming anemic from the amount of blood they lose during testing).

Donation of the medical equipment – CPAP at the Neonatology Unit

We have delivered two CPAP machines at Neonatology Unit in University Clinical Center of Kosovo. CPAP is a medical equipment device that regulates breathing for infants. Such achievement has been made possible through the donation of Abbvie Pharmaceuticals – a worldwide health care company producing medical devises and pharmaceuticals.

The value of the equipment donated together with necessary medical supplies , equipment servicing and local staff training provided came up to $22,963.

FACT: More than 1500 babies have been saved from using SiPAP machine at NICU since 2012.

Infant Incubator initiative

Five new infant incubators were donated to Neonatology Unit in 2012. Incubators are crucial to save the at-risk lives for early newborns. Instead of purchasing end-of-year gifts for its business customers as a token of gratitude for their long-term cooperation with the company, in 2012, to mark the fifth anniversary of its provision of mobile telephone services, IPKO decided to purchase through our foundation five new incubators for the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, a national center for the treatment of babies born prematurely.

FACT: Incubators are being used by 150 babies annually.

Pessaries delivery

In August 2012, pessaries in the amount of $288,664 donated by AmeriCares were delivered to the Gynecology Department at UCCK.
Pessary is a medical device which is used to provide structural support to women following child birth, which Gynaecology Unit has been in lacking.

Blood-Testing Analyzer Machine

During 2014 we have secured 1,800 breathing tubes for pre-mature babies and a CRP blood-testing analyzer machine for Neonatology Unit at UCCK.

The tubes provide a pathway for oxygen to move from the breathing machine to the lungs for the newborns at NICU.

The CRP detector device will enable practitioners at the NICU to test newborns at the bedside for infections and get the results immediately. Prior to our donation, parents had to secure these blood tests for their newborns outside the clinic.

FACT: The breathing tubes and CRP blood-testing machine can save around 1800 babies at NICU.

Mural paintings at the Neonatal department

Young artist’s volunteers from the Young Rotarians brightened the walls of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UCCK with children’s paintings. The volunteers worked for several days to paint the walls which was an exciting and wonderful experience for all involved and proved a successful cooperation between the foundation and Rotaract Illyrian, District 2481.

New library building at Pediatric Clinic

In co-operation with the Rotary Club Prishtina International, our foundation has installed and equipped a Library, which will be used by the young patients being treated in the Clinic. Books were donated by many schools in America, transported here with the help of the Rotary Club Prishtina International. The shelving cost was covered by the Foundation, which received an individual donation of 100 Euros.

Children at Pediatrics Oncology now enjoy a beautiful library equipped with interesting children books.

Inventory donations

In cooperation with Rotary International Prishtina Club, our Foundation has been able to get a percentage of the donation brought over from America by the Rotary Club, donated to Neonatology Department at UCCK. The donation contained medical supplies, medical equipment, 2 older CPAP machines and inventory such as computers, chairs, tables and wardrobes, which were needed for the rooms where the mothers stay. Many of them keep their clothes on the bed or by the bed in the plastic bags, as there are no tables or storage spaces to put them.


In 2017, together with the organizers of “Cycle Kosovo for Children” we delivered the equipment of C-reactive protein (CRP) and Hemogram at the Neonatology Clinic in Peja.

The equipment is necessary to determine the level of CRP in the blood, which help to diagnose infection, the need for antibiotic treatment, and the time when it is necessary to stop antibiotherapy. The device will impact on improving the efficiency of the Clinic services and save the lives of newborn babies.


We delivered the echosonogram device, a device which will diagnose heart diseases in newborns, internal bleeding, infections, central nervous system abnormalities, urogenital system abnormalities, and many other diseases. With the delivery of echosonogram this service and diagnosis will now be available at the UCCK Neonatology Clinic for the first time.


During 2018 we delivered the transcutaneous bilirubinometry in the Neonatology Clinic, a medical device that determines the bilirubin values in newborns, which helps to prevent hyperbilirubinemia at a lower cost, quick, painless and with no possibility of infections. Hyperbilirubinemia is one of the most common pathology at the newborns which may cause brain dysfunction in case of non-diagnosis.

Good News

Every day, 20-25 babies are saved at NICU by using the Oxygen System, made possible through Action for Mothers and Children and its many business and individual donors. Oxygen System is used by babies who cannot breathe on their own and need extra oxygen.