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Immediately after the war in Kosovo, in 2000, the infant mortality rate was 29 deaths per 1000 births, one of the highest in Europe. Action for Mothers and Children, together with its partners, donors, and friends has been at the forefront of the battle to bring this number down for the last ten years to about 11 per 1,000 births as of today. The battle has not ended yet! Around “Action for Mothers and Children” many supporters gathered to make their dream true and founded initially the “Foundation for Healthy Mothers and Babies” in 2009, under the initiative of Dr. James Strickler. Influential individuals from health, business, culture and economic sectors from Kosovo, US, and Diaspora (including among others Ardiana Bunjaku, Jehona Gjurgjeala, Rexhep Hoxha, Richard Lukaj, Bekim Ahmetaj, Ilirjana Bajraktari, George Little, Philip Sigwart, Ilir Hoxha and recently princess to be Elia Zaharia) joined the efforts to support the cause and grew the foundation into today’s “Action for Mothers and Children” since 2013. Our simple goal is to save the lives of children and mothers in Kosovo.

Stories from our winners

Andi Sahiti says hi to you all!

Hi all, I am Andi Sahiti from Mitrovica and I was born prematurely (week 32). I made my mom, Blerina, very frightened but thanks to the medication and equipment made possible through your donations (Survanta medication, incubators, CRP equipment, and CPAP machine) I am now growing healthy. Thank you all, Andi.


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Upcoming event

Let's Dance for Mothers and Children event is coming on September 22nd!...

The memorandum of cooperation to set up the cervical cancer screening program within the Municipality of Prishtina is signed

This cooperation supports the introduction of screening for cervical cancer as a new service within primary care in Prishtina and aims to have this municipality as a case study to set up the cervical cancer screening program nation-wide throughout other municipalities in Kosovo. With the current pilot approximately 2000 living in Prishtina women will be screened.


Welcome to Women's Health Resource Center

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AMC and UNMIK sign the second grant agreement to develop the online platform of Women’s Health Resource Center

The online platform of the center will come soon in three languages providing evidence-based information on pregnancy, newborn care, breastfeeding, daddy’s toolkits, videos and a lot more!